In these products we fell in love at first sight! Not because this love for chocolate nostalgically recalls the very beginnings of our company, but rather for the fact that when no one was talking about organic quality chocolate and cocoa, Vivani’s idea and concept totally fascinated us.


With the first bite, in a small piece of chocolate, you can feel real milk, cocoa and a wealth of other flavors that take you on a journey around the world, you realize that Vivan produces real chocolate art!


Although the idea of ​​a young, Vivan chocolates are produced at the factory Ludwig Weinrich, which prides itself for a century long tradition. Sweet, creamy, crispy and refreshing, Vivan chocolate will delight you with its fragrance, velvety texture, seductive flavor and elegant packaging.


High-quality chocolate, as well as high quality olive oil, becomes indispensable ingredients of any kitchen. We will not persuade you to make your favorite dessert with Vivani chocolate because we would rather like to  save it selfishly just for us! But the joy is in sharing, so we spread the word of this fragrant, sweet experience generously to all of our partners and customers.