Pretti, 25 years old tradition

Dear customers, business partners, dear friends,pretti_web_2015_homepage

I am pleased that, with the team of experts, I can contribute to healthy Pretti story and choose only the best of nature for you. Food is our fuel, our driver, it makes us healthy, vital and contributes to general well-being. Food connects us every day, with family, with friends, but also with nature. My impulse is to discover the highest quality natural products, which are a part of the high-quality and contribute to the health of people, as well as old recipes that we might have already forgotten. Therefore, we use all of the products we offer, and the same is done by our closest people – to colleagues and friends. We strive that the finest natural juices from Biotta, as well as the tastiest Vivani chocolate; Strath 100% natural food supplements and many other products from our portfolio, are available to all of you through as wide as possible sales network, as well as the best price-quality ratio. With a family, my team of associates, and personally, I invest my best in order we deal with the challenges of today’s business and stay the best after these 25 years. I am happy that I can continue 25-year tradition of the Pretti company, and look forward to each new product, its taste and enthusiasm that it will cause. I thank you all for your support, because with it the whole Pretti story has even greater meaning and makes every day more beautiful.

Be healthy and happy.


Vilma Brozina
Managing Director