Yannoh is a synonymous for coffee pleasure!
If your dream is to start your day with a cup of fragrant coffee that will not cause side effects, Yannoh will meet your expectations. Although it is a part of Lima offers, Yannoh coffee substitute is the brand on its own. All coffee lovers enthusiastically accept Yannoh products, as they are indispensable for any time of day, and are full of positive energy and good feeling. Yannoh is prepared on the basis of grain – barley, rye, wheat, chicory, chickpeas – that a special method of roasting converts into spicy and tasty coffee substitute blend.


Quick to prepare, with a few drops of milk or rice and soy beverage, you will receive a fragrant cup Yannoh, which you will love at any time of the day! Once you taste Yannoh, no other coffee substitute drink will never be anywhere near as good.