The aspiration of every man is health and vitality. Especially if it comes from a clean, untouched nature, such as Swiss Alps.


When we met with the Strath products, we knew we found exactly what we needed. 100% natural dietary supplement based plasmolyzed herbal yeast and extracts of alpine plants, suitable for different health conditions and generations – we fit into exhaustion and fatigue target audience, and soon the other members of our family reached for Strath to cope with various health problems.


Strath exists in the Swiss market for more than 50 years and has proved its effectiveness is more than 30 clinical studies. It sells almost in all countries around the world, and while the Swiss called it the elixir of vitality, all the other nations consider it revolutionary product for strengthening of organism.


Strath is already more than 20 years our faithful companion in an active, successful and healthy business, but as well lifestyle. If your wish to secure for your family members the best health and feeling of happiness, get them Strath