We have found ourselves a number of times during a week or a month on the road. In such circumstances, one oftens feels tiredsluggish. At one moment we wished to have a product that would provide us with natural, positive energy and soon we found it, in Austria, in one of the stores specialized for healthly food. It was Schock’s nuts bars.


Soon we learned that Schock’s is well known for energy bars that are made exclusively from nuts of superior quality. Their exceptional taste allows you to enjoy the delicious desserts and at the same time take care of your health, as they contain mono and polysaturated fatty acids, omega-3, vitamin E, magnesium and other valuable ingredients from nuts that have a beneficial effect on your body, and especially your heart.


Besides being delicious, Schock’s products are super practical – they can not melt in a bag or pocket, do not evaporate, do not change the composition, or can get scattered. Shock’s bars are ideal for all ages, for every occasion and a good day. Look for them in specialty shops and enjoy an active day!