Primavera is a great herbal drink, Webwhich we were delighted by, as well as the fact that it is prepared from the finest organic oats and contains very little fat, mostly unsaturated and low in calories. Its delicate flavor makes Primavena ideal replacement for milk at all times. It is rich in proteins, fibers and carbs, as well as other nutrients, so it is recommended for children, especially to those that are lactose intolerant or do not favor the taste of milk, as well as all those who strive for a balanced and healthy diet.


Price quality ratio is an additional advantage of this product, and the fact that its quality is guaranteed by Alinor, one of the most prestigious Italian manufacturer of herbal drinks with more than 50 years of tradition of production.


Primavena oat drink can be found in healthy food stores, as well as on the healthy food shelves of regular supermarkets.