Natur Compagnie

The first time we met with Natur Compagnie Webwas in 2000, at the largest fair of organic products – BioFach. A handful of ideas guided by the positive principles of sustainable development, organic farming and nature conservation, as well as the taste and quality of Natur Compagnie’s products, did not leave us indifferent.


Since that year, already for fifteen years, we provide our customers with a large selection of the finest Natur Compagnie instant soups (appropriate for any time of year), tasty vegetable “cubes”, Asian products – delicious noodles, rice and miso-bouillon, and a number of other gourmet products that can be prepared quickly but are guaranteeing healthy and a complete meal. In addition to the exceptional taste and very imaginative range of products, Natur Compagnie products contain high-quality nutrients, vitamins and minerals, and thus are recommended meal for the whole family.


Believe it or not, the vegetable cubes, trademark of Natur Compagnie, are the best-selling product on the Croatian market! With it every dish releases a whole new dimension of taste. We can, therefore, only invite you to try and confirm the exceptionality of Natur Compagnie products yourself!