Lima is a pioneer in the promotion and production Webof macrobiotic food products of exceptional quality. With certainty we can confirm that Lima is one of the few brands with no true competition.


Lima is large enough to be a market leader, and yet small enough that it is comfortable to do business and develop partnership with it. Lima products are developed with a lot of attention – contain only top-quality ingredients from organic farming, and have strict quality control (over 16 000 checks a year), thus, in addition, this is a warranty of product excellence that customers are extremely price.


In our portfolio, we currently have more than 60 Lima’s products, and are happy to state that Croatian customers already for twenty years enjoy the original Lima rice drink, traditional Japanese sauces and crispy rice wafers. On the healthy food shelves of supermarkets and specialized stores you can find Lima traditional macrobiotic foods suitable for preparing a true gourmet experience and implement modern lifestyle, as well as a variety of other delicious products.


And for us, regardless of the many years of pleasant cooperation, Lima is still impressive because of its excellent quality. Furthermore, we can only confirm that today Lima is our way of life and, often, our business inspiration!