For those who dream of a successful entrepreneurial story in a picturesque natural environment, Crudigno organic oils are vivid example of a dream-come-true. Umbria, one of the Italian regions which is considered to be the largest producer of olive oil, is very picturesque. The additional positive impression amplifies Crudigno sommelier approach to the selection of quality olives and oil production.


Crudigno holds a leading position in the production and sale of various types of oil – from organically grown pumpkin, sunflower, olive, peanut, sesame, soy and corn – on the Italian market. Simple design and competitive price, as well as systematic education of its customers made it possible for Crudigno to hold, already for 15 years, the leading position in the production and sale of organic quality oil in the Italian market.


Pretti currently, on the Croatian market, offers only the part of Crudigno offer but given the huge potential, we are confident that the big story of the brand is yet to come!