homepro3Biotta is one of the first brands in the portfolio of our company. Delighted with the quality, the philosophy and the concept that Biotta represents, we presented Biotta to the Croatian back at the beginning of the 90s. Since then Biotta has become indispensable part of our daily life.


Each Biotta juice tells a positive story, full of rich flavor of the finest, organically grown fruits and vegetables full of vitamins, minerals and valuable nutrients that help us to be vitality and enjoy life. The proof is Biotta Classic line of juices with over 30 fantastic fruit and vegetable juices developed in cooperation with nutritionists and the best quality fruits of nature.


Between BIOTTA us there over 20 years of loyalty and friendship, and the same is with our loyal customers. Biotta Bilberry, Beetroot or Breuss juice are some of the juices that have, we can now confirm, rose generations of children, athletes, people who love, price and practice a healthy lifestyle.


However, every novelty from Switzerland is something that we are sincerely looking forward to because we know that the new Biotta will bring us a glass full of health! Therefore, cheers – with Biotta!