ljubičasta mrkvaBiotta familly has a new member- Biotta purple carrot. The “Purple Carrot” Biotta juice goes back to Biotta’s roots – for two reasons. On the one hand it is the first pure carrot juice since the Biotta Classic carrot juice – the very first Biotta juice – which has existed since 1957. On the other hand the indigenous carrot is amazing.

Biotta has been trying to give a home to special, old types of vegetable for over 50 years. These now also include the purple carrot. This is actually the carrot which already existed in the Stone Age. Only in the 17th century was it overtaken by the newly cross-bred and current widespread orange-coloured carrot. The dark purple root vegetable is full of valuable anthocyanins, which provide natural oxidation protection. It also has an impressive taste because it is particularly mellow. This means it also tastes like a natural Biotta juice: mild and almost a bit sweet. It’s pure enjoyment, but is also perfectly suited to creative cooking.

Biotta purple carrot is 100 natural juice from premium organic carrot. Juice has no added sugar or sweeteners, no added flavorings or colorings, no added vitamins or minerals, no added artificial preservatives, stabilisers or emulsifiers.

Biotta purple carrot is available in pharmacies, herbal pharmacies and bio & bio stores.